Hospital Management Software: Useful for the Complete Running of a Hospital

Hospital management software incorporates several important features that help in the smooth running of the day to day operations of a hospital. The program is designed in such a way that it takes care of the inpatients, outpatients, database of patients, billings, hospital information including doctors available, their specialization, the billing process and payments to various staff members. In a nutshell, hospital management software takes care of the every aspect of the running of a hospital in a cost effective manner.

Hospital Management Software: Key Features

This software incorporates features aimed at managing all the aspects of a hospital and cover areas like reception, OPD, inpatients, outpatients, medical records, inventory of medicines and other material, appointments, doctors in charge, scheduling of doctor duties, laboratory and accounts. Basic features of hospital management software are:

* Facilitates smooth and complete running of reception

* Management of the Laboratory and its equipment

* Management of all wards and bed allocation systems

* Management of the complete history of patients and their treatments

* Inventory management with regular and timely refurbishment of the stock of medicines and other instruments

* Regular scheduling of doctors and nurses to the various departments and allocation of their duties

* Proper and timely accounting to ensure correct billing

* Maintenance of proper record of the medical reports and tests of the various patients.

* Can be easily accessed by multiple users at the same time

Hospital Management Software: Benefits

Such software has features that allow the users to modify the details of the various patients and doctors and incorporate security features that prevent misuse of the stored information. This software allows the hospital owners and other users:

* To check the occupancy level at any point of time

* The number of doctors and other staff on duty

* To view the treatment being provided to any specific patient and his medical history

* To check the payments made by a patient and the amount due in his/her name

* To view and print the medical reports of patients

* To prepare various types of accounting reports

* To check the appointment list of the medical staff

* To check the billing status of various patients