Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle

The feminine cycle has a direct effect on a woman’s moods, creativity,

and energy levels. Recognizing the phases of her cycle and

the hormones that are active during each phase gives a woman a

sensitive relationship with herself. It enables her to keep her own life

goals in focus, and enjoy her connection to all the cycles of Nature.

The hormone estrogen, which is active during the days before

ovulation, causes a woman to feel more active, out-going, and creative.

Adrenalin is also higher in a woman’s body at this time, and she will

probably need to sleep less. In addition to the increase in energy, a

woman can recognize the estrogen time by the wet, slippery feeling

outside the vagina. Because of the increase of active energy, it is a great

time to begin new projects, or finish up old ones. It is a real power time

for a woman, power that can be harnessed to fulfill her personal goals.

The hormone progesterone, which begins to rise after ovulation, can

cause a feeling of deflation compared to the high of the estrogen time. In

addition to the quieting of emotions and energy, a woman knows she

has entered the progesterone phase of her cycle because the wet

slippery feeling disappears completely. As progesterone continues to

rise and the time for menstruation nears, a woman may begin to feel

more and more inward. This is another kind of creative energy. Taking

advantage of the inward flow of energy at this time opens the inner

doors of intuition, connecting a woman to her inner guidance.

The time of menstrual bleeding, when both estrogen and progesterone

are low, is a natural time of solitude. Honoring the inner stillness at this

time may invite the connection to soul and Spirit. A woman who honors

the inward and outward flow of energy that is a natural part of her

menstrual cycle has the potential to be more productive in her life,

healthier in her physiology, and contented in her spirit.