Hormones’ Affects on Runners

Hormone levels affect runners endurance. Hormone levels affect ones endurance. Long distance runners having sex to often reduce

their healing ability. This leads to one result injuries. When training for distance events of more than 13 miles it is important to eat right, sleep, exercise, hydrate (lots of water), and abstain from intercourse.

As we age hormone levels decrease making fatigue an inevitable reality. Athletes need to pace themselves. Set a goal of mileage every week and slowly increase the goal adding 5 miles per week.

As we age the mileage should be decreased due to lower hormone levels to prevent fatigue.

The good news is that constant exercise can counter lowering hormone levels and actually increase the growth hormone. The key is to maintain a constant regiment of 4 to 6 days per week with a program. The program itself should change from season to season as your needs change and abilities increase. Increasing hormones will lead in increasing muscle mass and producing anti- aging hormones.

These will help keep you looking younger.

The important thing to remember is that if you can get on a program and keep consistent you can slow down hormonal loss and keep yourself looking young. It is all a balance each part contributing to the whole. Things to consider when training for any kind of long distance event are how long you have been training, sleep, diet, feeling any fatigue, and how often you are having intercourse.

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