Horde Power Leveling Spots

When it comes to leveling a Horde toon , there are so areas of the game that are better than others for more reasons than one – especially when you are trying to power level. Most veteran players of World of Warcraft know which areas to hit and which they should not worry about, but most new players do not. So, this article is to help those new to World of Warcraft know which areas in the game are the best to hit for your Horde toon.

1. The Barrens – for those levels 12-22, there is no better Horde leveling zone. There are tons of quests here, and all of them have you kill multiple mobs for quests. You can do 3-6 quests at a time here as well, plus there are three instances, or dungeons, in this one zone with good quests and good xp rewards. Also, this is one of the richest mat areas in the game for any gathering profession. Almost all of the quests here involve some type of animal mob that can be skinned. Players can actually run around, skinning behind other players as they kill mobs. There are great herbs that are all over the areas as well, and they respawn fast, so you can double your gathering and up your skill quickly. Also, there are many different mountain areas and hills that spawn great mining nodes. So, any gathering profession will be upped as you power level through this zone.

2. Thousand Needles – for Horde players levels 27-33 this is another place that you must hit, for the same basic reasons as the Barrens. There are several quests here that have you kill multiple mobs to complete the quest, and you can do them all together. Plus, the mining here is awesome. This is one of the best places in game to mine for copper, tin, and iron. Also, this area is about 95% animal mobs, so you can skin until your heart is content here. There are also some great herb here, and they do respawn pretty fast as well, so you can fill your herb pouch while you are power leveling through 1K Needles.

3. The Swamp of Sorrows – while this place is just yucky, it is a great leveling zone in the World of Warcraft. Plenty of good quests here that have you kill lots of mobs for drops and xp, and the herbs here are great and sell extremely well on the auction house. Also, there are tons of animal mobs here, so skinning is good as well. You will also find the Sunken Temple here, which is a great instance to level up in, as it is a long one.

Of course, once you hit level 58 and you are able to hit the Outlands, there is no better spot to be in the World of Warcraft, as the xp, loot, and gathering increases at a phenomenal rate. The find out all To of the great power 's Horde leveling spots in the World of Warcraft, get your copy of Flamewater's Horde Leveling Guide the Power and the find out what power 's leveling Those companies do not want everyone to know.