Hooked on Coffee

I suppose I can safely say that my wife and I are hooked on coffee. We have owned three coffee shops during our life time and tasted just about every blend created from around the world. I remember arriving for work at the break of dawn and kick starting the workday with ten double espresso. Those drinks definitely got me going for the tasks which lay before me although many people may argue that adding six sugar cubes per cup may have been a bit much. During the slow periods of the day I would often sit and envision why I had such an enticement to drink coffee.

In all reality many coffee drinkers earnestly acknowledge the philosophy of limiting their intake of coffee and caffeine. They deem this as in the interests of good health and well being. One year the scientific community will declare that coffee and in particular caffeine is not good for our health while the following year they conclude it is beneficial for our overall well being. The following year the opinion will swing back to the side of being harmful. This see-saw of opinions goes on each year as it eventually reverts back and forth. Granted, it is totally viable that one can overdo the amount of caffeine intake which takes place since the experts usually agree is in excess of approximately 400 mg daily. I am without doubt, certain that my intake of coffee typically surpasses that number quite easily. The customary complaints experienced when exceeding the recommended dosage boarders upon frequent bouts of insomnia, uncontrolled restlessness and an increased heartbeat.

Eventually, I devised a hand-full of explanations as to why I justified drinking this magic brew. First thing that came to my mind was that caffeine represents one of the world’s foremost psychoactive drugs in existence. Ponder that thought for a moment and you will agree that coffee is apt to wake you up quickly, helps us to accomplish our tasks at hand in a timely manner and offers us a speedy energy boost when necessary.

Coffee to me is not a bad thing and offers the drinker some impressive health benefits as well. Research conducted suggests that coffee drinking eradicate certain illnesses and health issues. Effective liver health is significant to all and is a major benefit discovered in coffee drinkers. A recent series of nine distinctive studies exposed that those people who drink more coffee are afforded the benefit of lowered risks associated with cirrhosis. The mere act of drinking only one cup daily reduces the cirrhosis risk by as much as 22%. You may recall that cirrhosis is a liver disease which is traditionally the result of years of heavy alcohol consumption. Add a second cup of coffee daily and that risk is further reduced to 43%. As if that were not encouraging enough to drink coffee, if you add a third cup of coffee each day you reduce your risk by as much as 57%, while those four cup a day drinkers will lower their risk by 65%. What more could a person ask for?

Now we can discuss the issue of heart attacks. Two hundred separate investigations have revealed that those people who consume three to four cups of coffee daily were 19% less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases. That sounds simply amazing, doesn’t it?

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise in America these days. One study has concluded that for every extra cup of coffee that a person drinks daily there is a 7% chance of reducing or preventing the development of Type 2 diabetes. That sure beats the bothersome insulin treatment.

Cancer is everyone’s concern and there is a light seen at the end of the tunnel. Heavy coffee drinkers who consume at least three cups of coffee daily have an 18% reduced their chance of contacting cancer. Studies have shown that for at least one cup per day, one can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 15% and achieve an 8% reduction for risks associated with endometrial cancer. In some medical circles, coffee drinkers are credited with abridging oral/pharyngeal cancer as well as aiding in the fight to eliminate advanced prostate cancer.

The dreaded Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are also combated by drinking coffee. Revisions concerning coffee intake and its effect upon the brain’s health display a 16% reduction for regular coffee drinkers at risk for Alzheimer’s, dementia, or cognitive decline. Various studies naturally have different figures for the reduction of Alzheimer’s as some research even increases these percentages to a higher level.

In view of all that has been said in favor of drinking coffee, I see no reason not to continue with my daily enjoyment of my favorite brew. So with all these benefits at my disposal, I think I will continue to be a dedicated coffee aficionado until the day that I