Hoodia Weight Loss Pills

I decided that I had to try them because my weight was getting out of control. I weighed 252 pounds and there was no sign that this was going to stop any time soon! I was literally pilling on more than 4 pounds a week every week, and I just could not seem to stop whatever I tried. I had lost my job and I was feeling down, working in an MP3 player shop and then guess what? The shop goes out of business and then …

Theirs me, on wealth fare and with not a cent in savings! So I sat at home every day for 6 months and any money I did have – I spent on food. You see when you have no money your diet goes down the drain. You feel like foods like vegetables are just a waste of money. Post why? Because they are when you can not afford them. So I would sit at home and eat rubbish 15 hours a day, watch TV, go to sleep and, wake up eat rubbish … I am sure you get the picture, but the fact is that I needed to act fast. I needed to get a job and I also needed to lose weight.

That is when I started out on all these crazy diets that my friends had been telling me about. Their was the Atkins diet and all that, but it just did not work for me. I tried exercising but the fact is that when you are fat exercising is much harder than when you are thin. You see, how can you run on a treadmill when you weigh 252 pounds and you are under 5 foot and 5 inches! The simple answer is that you can not. For me Hoodia diet pills were the answer, however this may not be the case for everyone. My problem was that I quite simply did not have the willpower.