Homeopathy – Miasmas And Tuberculosis

Traditional medical science has come a long way towards eradication of tuberculosis from our planet. However, compulsory immunization given at birth consistently fails in providing immunity to one hundred percent of the newly born. Nobody has tried to find reasons for these occasional failures nor has there been a research on what could be long term, possibly life long, side effects of anti tubercular immunization at birth.

This is only one of the many examples where homeopathy scores far better than traditional medicine. Homeopathy recognizes existence of that something which makes it possible for bacteria and viruses to take root inside some patients. Causes that precede a chronic disease are given the name of miasmas. Homeopathy identifies three miasmas, at least one out of which must precede any chronic malady afflicting a person. It also recognizes that presence of a miasma is necessary for a chronic disease to afflict a human.

Miasma is a theoretical concept and its existence is not yet proven scientifically. It is supposed to be far finer than a bacteria or virus and capable of permeating and spreading through almost anything. Thus washing your hands after touching something carrying a bacterial or virus may protect you from that bacterial or virus, but the moment you touch that particular thing used by the infected person, the miasma gets inside permeating through the skin of your hand. Then it gradually penetrates, afflicts and causes that derangement of life force, which makes it possible for those and many other bacteria and viruses to get inside and take root in your body.

We all know that hygiene alone is not enough to protect one from infections. Homeopathy alone answers as to why it fails. Of course the entire theory about miasmas is a theory only. It is based on practical observations that could only be explained by conjecturing something in the nature of a miasma. But that is the characteristic of all sciences. Theory of relativity is based on the famous postulate, “Nothing can travel faster than light.” Will you reject the entire theory just because there is a postulate at the back of it?

Logically researchers with a scientific bent of mind should follow one of the two courses. First kind of researchers will begin developing finer instruments to detect these miasmas during the process of transmission undeterred by failure and confident that someday science will make enough progress to observe the phenomena called miasma. Second kind will take up practical research to try homeopathic medicines on large samples of people and test whether homeopathic theories hold well in immunizing and treating individuals.

What would you call a person who is not willing to take up either of the two courses and persists with a dogmatic declaration that homeopathy is witchcraft? To say the least, such a person can never be considered to be of a scientific bent of mind let alone competent enough to practice medicine. Refusals to recognize homeopathy and denying its rightful place at the top of curative science of medicine have not succeeded in eradicating homeopathy nor will such dogmatic declarations succeed in doing so.

Homeopathy is the only system having a true and certain potential for immunizing people against tuberculosis and curing patients of tuberculosis to successfully eradicate the disease from the face of earth. Of course, there always remains the condition of a distinct individual medicine for each individual patient with no possibility of a patented medicine for all patients of tuberculosis.