Homeopathy and Lyme: A Natural Approach to Lyme Disease

We are fortunate that in addition to conventional medicine, there are natural methods such as homeopathy, herbs and nutrition that we can use in response to infections from tick bites.

If you find an embedded tick, after proper removal, wash the area with antiseptic and then use an herbal drawing salve or Ichthymol to try to draw out any bacteria that may still be near the surface. A few hours later, wash off the salve and use antiseptic again. If you preserve the tick correctly, it can be tested at a lab.

Blood tests may not reveal an infection until a few weeks or more after the bite. So consult with your doctor about the timing of any tests. It is not just the Lyme-causing bacteria that ticks carry. There are other tick-borne diseases. Remember this if you test negative for Lyme and yet have symptoms that developed some time after a tick bite. Once it starts spreading, the progression can be quite rapid. So it is important to be proactive, use antibiotics if necessary, and support your immune system as much as possible for at least three weeks. Homeopathic remedies do not interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics.

For homeopathic support, use the remedy Hypericum. You can use a 200c potency once, or a 30c three times in one day. The following day, use Ledum 200c once, or 30c three times, unless the bite site is warm or hotter than the surrounding skin. One week after the bite, there is a remedy you can use if you can find it in time: Aurum Arsenicatum in a 200c potency. According to Peter Alex, author of the book “The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease,” it is being used effectively for prevention in Germany, where Lyme is quite common. Hahnemann Labs in California and Helios in England are two homeopathic pharmacies that have carried this remedy. If you are unable to find it, a runner-up choice is Mercurius Vivus 200c (or 30c three times). You can take the Aurum Ars or the Mercurius again a week later.

If you have had Lyme in the past, or are currently dealing with it, it is good to take measures to try to prevent another infection if you find a tick, as there is no immunity.


If the first sign of trouble is a fever, joint pains, or a “bull’s eye” rash (the rash only occurs in less than half of Lyme cases) you should not use the prevention steps above, but use remedies focused on the actual symptoms present, after consulting with your physician. One of the most common remedies used in early stage Lyme is Rhus Toxicodendron. It is specifically for stiff aching joints that feel better from moist heat, where the stiffness is more pronounced first thing in the morning and after sitting too long. The joints are painful, hot and swollen. The pain is worse at night and worse in cold, wet weather.

If the joint pain is better from cold applications, consider homeopathic Ledum instead. With a Ledum case, mostly the lower limbs are affected. The pains progress over time, ascending to other joints. There can be crosswise pains, affecting the left shoulder and right hip, for example. The joints can feel hot at night.

In a Rhododendron case, the swelling and pain wanders from joint to joint, affecting mostly the right side of the body, and the person feels much worse at night.

In a Kalmia case, the pain starts in the shoulders or hips, descending from shoulder to elbow and hand, or from hip to knees and feet. The pain is worse from cold, better in cloudy weather.

There are more homeopathic remedies useful in early stages of Lyme, each for a specific set of symptoms and qualities. Consult with a homeopath to find the best match.

In any case, keep your immune system as strong as possible. In addition to using homeopathy, rest, excellent nutrition, and well-chosen herbs are all important.


If the symptoms have spread beyond the musculoskeletal system, or if the joint symptoms are severe and not improving, in addition to proper medical care, you may wish to consult with a naturopathic doctor or a well-trained classical homeopath. One note: it may take the correct homeopathic treatment one month for every year you have had Lyme to result in noticeable improvement. Do not expect dramatic changes overnight for such a deep-seated condition. Seek out the best combination of treatments possible.

This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Readers are encouraged to consult with their licensed medical practitioner.