Homemade Treatment Of Cold Sores


Aside from over the counter drugs, homemade treatment of cold sores is also effective in relieving the symptoms of the disease.

Homemade treatment of cold sores can be as effective as drug medications in treating the disease and its symptoms. One should remember though that no homemade treatment can cure the cold sore. In fact, not even over the counter medications can cure it. With this, the main idea of ​​homemade treatment would revolve around strengthening the body's immune system as well as prevent sores from developing.

First and foremost, substances that can trigger or stimulate a cold sore outbreak to happen should be avoided. It is of utmost importance that the diet should be carefully monitored. Fresh fruits and vegetables would be the best choices as homemade treatment. They are not only safe to consume but fresh fruits and vegetables can also strengthen the body's immune system.

Homemade treatment of cold sores also includes topical salves. This is very useful especially if symptoms like sores on the affected area start to manifest themselves. Aloe vera, tea tree and lysine are good sources for homemade topical salves to treat the sores since they promote fast healing.

Another homemade way to relieve symptoms, specifically the tingling sensation on the affected area is by applying ice to it. The herpes simplex virus can not effectively replicate itself in cold temperatures thus application of ice becomes quite effective.

Other homemade treatment of cold sores [http://permanent-cold-sore-cure.blogspot.com/2007/09/cold-sore-cure.html] includes the application of tea bags on the sore. The tannic acid contained in the tea has been proven to prevent the growth of sores. Petroleum jelly is also another substance that can be used as a homemade treatment.