Homemade Canker Sores Remedies

Next time you having a aphthous ulcers or commonly known as canker sores, it is unnecessary for you to go to any medical outlet just to purchase over the counter medicine available there. Apparently, you could find equally effective homemade canker sores remedies around the house.


As you may know that potato is highly rich in salt and starch which tremendously helping you treating your sore. The healing process would take you up to one weeks. For maximum effect, you need to apply a slice of potato three times in a day on the infected area.


Active ingredients that contains in a yogurt has proven to help to heal and also to ease the pain you had from it. So next time you go to the supermarket or nearby groceries store, always buy yogurt with active cultures such as Activia.


If you planning to do some sort of gardening, aloe vera is one plant that has to be included for your garden. Aloe vera can grow almost in every conditions with very minimum maintenance and also has the ability to treat cuts, burn, and you guess, as well as the canker sores remedies. You just need to peel off the skin and extract the gel that can be use to ease the pain and also as a cooling agent.

Table Salt

Another everyday items that you could get from your very own kitchen. Salt is very effective to accelerate the healing process. Just a pinch of it is what you need allowing your canker sores to heal faster. You may feel pain at the beginning but the pain will subside eventually.

The items stated above is a great agent for homemade canker sores remedies. But if the problem still persist even after more than ten days applying it, you should consult with your doctor.