Home Remedy For Toenail Fungus

The toenail fungus is known as 'onychomycosis' in medical terminology. However, the term describes not only fungal infection but it also includes yeast infections that affect the nail badly. Toenail fungus affects men double as often as compared to women.

Treating toenail fungus is quite possible but if only detected and tackled earliest possible. This is because, nail infection, once left untouched, can lead to major complications. The first thing comes among all is keeping away those all factors that are triggering factors for toenail fungus. For this, one should not keep nail wet and it is to be thoroughly clean. Socks are never worn unwashed and one can put disinfectant powder into socks and shoes.

Another effective home remedy for treating toenail fungus is treating it with tea tree oil. It is potent natural antiseptic and fungicide. This helps removing fungus and for this, one can apply undiluted tea tree oil with olive oil onto the affected area. Rub this every day and then rinse it thoroughly sponging with hot water, dry it and apply disinfectant powder. Some of the skin experts suggest applying mouthwash such as Listerine. It is powerful antiseptic and can be applied.

One can also soak toenails for about ½ hour in a tub containing warm water and natural apple cider vinegar mixed in equal quantity. After that, toenails are to be dried thoroughly (you can use hairdryer). Practice this for about 15-20 days for better results. Some of the dermatologists suggest applying lather AHA (Alpha Hydroxy-acid) creams onto the affected area for healing toenails. This is to be done before retiring to the bed and it is to be kept overnight. AHA removes the scaly skin that is a main seat of fungus to grow and affect the nail.

One of the best home remedies for treating toenail is to treat it by using oregano and olive oil combination. One can blend two drops of Oregano essential oil along with one teaspoon of olive oil. This mixture makes it powerful combination to fight against toenail fungal infections. The combination is to be applied onto the affected area for about two weeks and not more than that. The combination serves antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-parasitical and antifungal properties.

Epsom salt is considered as proven home remedy for treating toenail fungus by many health advisors. The salt can be used by putting it into a tub containing lukewarm water and then the affected area (feet) is to be soaked for about 15-20 minutes. This is to be practiced daily for about 15-20 days. One should remember that after soaking, the toenail is to be totally dried and is to be kept dried all the time. Use your hairdryer and then apply some disinfectant powder. The disinfectant powder absorbs the moisture from surrounding and keeps the toenail in dry environment in which, fungus is very less likely to grow.

Whatever the home remedy is, keeping the toenail in dry and hygienic condition is the most important factor to be done. Fungus, as we know, grows faster under water and hence, it is likely to grow on the human body where there is moisture.

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