Home Remedy For Cold Sores That Works Fast!

After dealing with severe cold sores for years and years, I finally figured out a home remedy for cold sores that works fast. Because there is no way to rid your body of the Herpes virus, it is important that you know a few tips and tricks to help you quickly heal the sores– and prevent future breakouts!

The main factor to understand about cold sores is that time is of the essence. Many people don’t realize that they can actually stop a cold sore in it’s tracks, because they procrastinate cold sore treatments. Most people don’t begin looking for treatment options until the sore has grown large and it has scabbed over.

If you delay your cold sore treatment, then usually you will need to simply wait out the regular 7 to 10 days for normal healing, because once the skin has broken or scabbed then there are not effective treatments to stop the cold sores.

The first symptoms of cold sores are tingling and swelling in the affected area. At this time, the virus is coming out of dormancy, and it is quickly growing. If you apply treatments during this first stage, then you may actually be able to stop the growth of the sore, which will in turn speed up the recovery time.

Your eating habits and lifestyle will also greatly affect your cold sore healing time. If you want to prevent future cold sore outbreaks, be sure to lower the stress in your life and also eat a healthy diet. It is good to focus on alkaline foods in order to keep your body’s pH levels in check (which will help you to avoid cold sore outbreaks).

Begin your treatment process by applying ice directly to the swelling area. Hold the ice in place for a little while, and then dry off the skin and immediately apply a generous dose of Abreva creme. Continue using the Abreva according to the directions on the package. This home remedy for cold sores works fast for me, and when I use it right at the beginning I always have had good results.