Home Remedy – Dealing With Stomach Pains The Easy Way

Have you ever encountered problems dealing with stomach cramps, acid attacks or spasms? Chances are, you have indigestion or you have hyperacidity. I remember my grandmother decades ago taught me this remedy. In the absence of medicines to treat these symptoms, try healing the natural way.

Get a helpful of raw rice grains and roast it on the frying pan with the absence of oil, of course. Let if brown while tossing on low fire. Once the grains become roasted, remove the fire and put the grains on a cup. Add boiling water and put a spoonful of sugar. Stir until you see the water turns dark brown like that of a coffee mixture. Carefully remove the floating grains of rice until the brown mixture becomes clear.

Now that you have a natural coffee made of rice grains instead of coffee beans, take lots of sip and make sure that it is still hot, if you can tolerate it. Occasionally, you will feel a certain relief of your flatulence and the cramps or spasm will go away. You might be burping a lot though or excreting gas from your system but at least, that solves your hyperacidity in a natural way. In cases when you suffer from stomach pains due to diarrhea, this mixture will also help you deal with that and can replace the fluids you lose.

Another way to deal with diarrhea is to cook or boil rice, and extract the soup while the rice is at the boiling point. The thick soup of the rice should be a little bit creamy. You can add a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of sugar on the creamy rice soup when you take it. Eating bananas, apples, and also taking Gatorade or Coke shall also help you recover with the absence of medicines.