Home Remedies You Can Use For Genital Warts


There are home remedies you can use for genital warts, but doctors often recommend against self-treatment. These remedies often contain chemicals that can irritate or damage the skin if not used correctly. Usually, the effected area is a sensitive one, and these chemicals can hurt.

Here are a few of the home remedies that have been found to be effective against genital warts:

– Fill your bathtub with just a couple inches of warm water. Sit in the water and soak the affected area for fifteen minutes.

– Using a plastic bottle to apply warm water to your affected areas will relieve discomfort and help keep clean.

– Use a heat lamp to dry the affected area. A hair dryer will also work. Because it will be hot, hold it at least a foot and a half from your skin to avoid irritation.

You can use oil that contains vitamin E on the parts of your body that are infected with warts. Then, crush up garlic and put that on as well. Cover both up with tape. It has been said that this will make the genital warts fall off in just under a week.

There is also a solution you can make with onions and salt. Slice an onion and cover the slices with salt and leave it overnight. Put this solution on the warts 3 times a day until they are gone.

You can also use fig juice or apple cider vinegar in the same way. These contain acids that help boost your body’s immune system.

For many years, people have used aloe to fight genital warts. You can either use aloe cream or aloe straight from the leaves of the plant. Aloe will definitely help the itching and other irritation, and it may help remove the warts.

Diet also has an effect on your genital warts. Changing your diet can help them disappear. In particular, beta carotene and folic acid help fight warts. These are found in abundance in radishes, mangos, squash and tomatoes. Red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables often contain these acids. Leafy green vegetables also help. A diet with lots of cabbage or spinach is good for getting rid of warts. Caffeine and cigarettes are bad for you immune system and may keep your warts from going away.

After you have successfully treated your warts with a home remedy such as this, the warts may reappear in the future. Remember that you will probably experience more outbreaks, and treat those accordingly.

Most doctors advise against these types of home remedies. If you plan to use a natural treatment option, talk to your doctor to get their advice. They may be able to help you understand the risks and benefits.