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How To Use an Onion To Remove A Splinter

If you are wondering how you can remove a 1/4 inch [6 mm] splinter from your child’s foot, here is how an onion can help! Take a 1/4 inch thick piece of onion, place it over the splinter site, and wrap a bandage around it to keep it close to the skin. Leave this bandage overnight on the foot. In the morning, the splinter will have worked its way out of the foot with no pain. This is because the chemicals in the onion shrink the skin around the embedded splinter and help push it out painlessly! Hope the onion trick to remove a splinter at home was helpful…

Onion Home Remedy For Those Who Bruise Easily

If you are one of those who bruise easily, then the lowly onion can offer you help. This is an old folk remedy that still works. Place a slice of yellow onion on the bruise for about 15 minutes. The chemical compound in the onion, called allicin, stimulates the lymphatic flow in your body. This helps to flush away the excess blood in the tissues which is what actually creates the bruise in the first place. However this remedy only works if you apply the onion slice immediately after the injury or fall that created the bruise.

I have personally found the home remedies and tips that I have learned over the years very useful in my life and for my family and I sincerely hope these onion folk remedies.