Home Remedies For Vaginal Thrush

Have you thought about using home remedies for vaginal thrush? Perhaps you got infected or someone you know does have a vaginal yeast infection. Even if you don’t have it now but have suffered in the past, it’s better to anticipate that it could return and find options for prevention. Vaginal thrush is a result of the yeast fungi tipping the scales off and outgrowing the healthy bacteria in the vagina. You have to do something to kill off the excess yeast fungi and bring everything back to normal.

Say No To Moisture

One of the known home remedies for vaginal thrush its to prevent excess moisture from settling in the vaginal area. Perhaps you have learned that the yeast fungi thrive in moist areas of the body including the female private parts. That’s why you should make sure that it’s dry enough after you cleanse it or after you take a bath. In addition to that, make sure there’s proper air flow in the vaginal area. Avoid wearing synthetic panties. Go for the ones made of cotton and similar soft materials. Also, don’t wear jeans or shorts that are too tight especially at the crotch area.

Topical Treatments & Similar Stuff

You may know of certain topical treatments that you can utilize as home remedies for vaginal thrush. You can also apply plain, unsweetened yogurt (with the use of a tampon) on the vaginal area. You can also do that with tea tree oil and honey. On the other hand, apple cider vinegar (as well as tea tree oil) is better utilized as a home remedy for vaginal thrush if a few drops of it is diluted into your bathwater and that you soak yourself (primarily your female private part) in it. You should also try other effective topical treatments using stuff found in your home.

The Wiping Motion

Wiping “front to back” after visiting the toilet is good practice. This is to avoid transferring any infectious elements from the anal area and infecting the vaginal area at the same time. This can contribute to vaginal thrush.

You can try home remedies for vaginal thrush first. However, if it seems that those things are not effective in getting rid of Candidiasis, you can always make use of antifungal products in the form of creams or gels. There are also certain medications which can help.