Home Remedies For Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis is one of the most painful and most embarassing diseases to have. There is nothing like the constant itch and the scales that you cannot stop picking at that make you bald over time. The embarassasing trips to the barber shops and the stares from noisey people can make it very uncomforatable to have.

The fact remains, what can you do about it? Scalp psoriasis has no known cure however, there are home remedies for scalp psoriasis that can save you a doctor’s visit and hundreds in creams and lotions that will not work. I bet you didnt know that a prescription scalp psoriasis cream can actually do more harm than good to your head!

I am going to reveal to you a temporary scalp psoriasis treatment that can clear than unsightly flare up within a matter of 6 hours. What you are going to do is wash your hair throughly with organic tea tree oil. After you rinse immediately get some Vicks vaporub and massage in a small amount into the affected area. Slap on a shower cap and keep it on for 4 to 6 hours or you can leave it overnight. Once you wake up your head will be clear from your problem.

This remedy is a homeopathic solution for those who urgently need to get rid of their psoriasis flare up. It was taken out of the guide called Psoriasis Free For Life which is a great help for people who have psoriasis on their scalp of any parts of their bodies, but with long term solutions.