Home Remedies For Peptic Ulcer – Natural Remedy From Your Kitchen


When there is an eroded lesion in the inner lining of the stomach and also in the adjoining intestinal tract called the duodenum then this condition is termed as peptic ulcer. By gastric ulcer we mean the ulcer located in the stomach as well as the ulcer located in the duodenum is known as duodenal ulcer. Generally both these ulcers are grouped together and we termed as peptic ulcer.

In this problem, the patients suffer from sharp and severe pain and also have a feeling of discomfort in the upper part of abdomen. Usually gastric ulcer affects the people after an hour of taking meals and rarely at night whereas the pain of duodenal ulcer affects the patients between the meals when the stomach is empty. This pain is usually relieved by taking milk. Some of the main causes of peptic ulcer are:

1. It may be caused due to hyperacidity which is caused by an increase of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Some of the main factors which contribute to this condition are heavy meals, overeating, taking of highly oily and spicy foods and also due to heavy meals, highly spiced foods, alcohol, coffee and smoking.

2. Other factors which contribute to this condition are food poisoning, gout, ingestion of certain drugs, gout, stress, emotional disturbances and nervous tension.

The problem of ulcer can be treated with the help home remedies. There are different kinds of natural remedies for ulcer and you should prefer the home remedies for peptic ulcer which suits you the best. These remedies are given below:

1. One of the effective natural remedies for ulcer is the intake of banana. Banana is very much effective in neutralizing the over-acidity of the gastric juices. This fruit is very much effective in reducing the irritation of the ulcer by coating the lining of the stomach.

2. In the problem of ulcer, lime is a valuable home remedy.

3. Another useful natural remedy for peptic ulcer is the use of cabbage. Boil this cabbage in double quantity of water and reduce it to half. Cool it and take this juice in combination with the carrot juice and take this juice two times a day.

4. Use of fenugreek is also an effective home remedy for peptic ulcer. You can take fenugreek seeds by making its tea.

5. Drumstick, goat’s milk and almonds blended with milk are useful natural remedies for ulcer.

Hope above home remedies will help you in getting relief from peptic ulcer naturally.