Home Remedies For Panic Attacks – How To Deal With Panic Attacks

I personally was close to death about 15 years ago, but experiencing a panic attack was somehow worse. I just did not know what was happening to me, and since I had that first one, I always expect another one to happen. It is scary! I am not a person to depend on medication, so I did some research and here are some home remedies, or few steps you can take to deal with panic attacks.

The very first thing you need to do is to avoid coffee and sugar loaded food. Coffee and nicotine will trigger your panic attacks. Even alcohol can do so. If you can, eliminate these complete and replace them with natural teas. The one I use is brand name Java and on the box it says anxiety. It costs around 3-4 dollars and you can get it at local health stores. Even some major grocery stores (health aisle) may carry them.

Another way to deal with panic attacks is to discussing issues with your loved one's. I talk to my wife and friends. At first I felt very uncomfortable doing this, but let me tell you, I saved a lot of money on therapy this way. When you talk about things, you really get a lot of things out and the weight of the problem or issue somehow eases! During my research to find ways to deal with panic attacks, I discovered that a lot of people had a problem because of some unpleasant event that happened. Since than, I strongly believe that the actual cause of panic attacks is distress and not stress, but of course there will be people who will argue with me and it is my opinion only.

Another good way to get rid of anxieties is to exercise if you can. Personally for me exercising is difficult since I have disability, running and walking is really out of the question, but I can lift weights and I do so as often as I can. The benefit of exercise is that often you will get rid of a lot of negative energy and it will help you think clearly. During a lot of my weight lifting sessions, I will think of possible solutions for the problems I am dealing with!

There are a lot of relaxation techniques you can learn as well. Breathing exercises do work. When you exercise physically, you breath faster and that helps you calm down as well, but if you can not exercise and need to calm down, just breath in and out. Here is one simple exercise I use! If you can lay down, but if not sitting will be ok as well. I inhale very slowly and say, "I am", than I exhale and say "relaxed". If you can do this at least 10 times and the result will surprise you.

Where the biggest problem happens is in your mind! Starting with your first panic attack, which was the scariest experience of my life, and from on, you always fear that the next attack is going to happen any minute. That is where the real problem is! The ways to deal with anxiety listed above, are going to help you because there will be less panic attacks, but you really need to learn how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks the moment they are happening. These home remedies for dealing with panic attack have really reduced the number of anxieties I get, but finding few techniques that help me deal with panic attack when it happens, solved my problem almost absolutely!