Home Remedies For Oral Thrush – Candidiasis Treatment

Oral thrush is medically recognized as oral candidosis, and it can be cured with the help of home remedies for oral thrush. It is an infection caused by certain fungi. As the name mentions itself, this disease affects the mucosal membranes of the mouth. Moreover, the fungus that causes this infection is known as candida albicans or candida glabrata. In addition, in children this infection is referred to as candidiasis, and in adults it is referred as candidiosis or moniliiasis.

The home remedies for oral thrush is effective on both children as well as adults. Moreover, most of the time a small amount of the fungus resides in our mouth, and they are kept in check by our immune system. Additionally, if the immune system is weak this fungus easily infects us causing sores in the mouth or tongue or both; this can increase the risk of getting oral infection. The home remedies for oral thrush may help to increase the immunity also.

This oral infection can be recognized by a thin, white layered deposit on the mucosal membrane. Also, the mucosal membranes that are infected may appear red, and slightly raised. In addition, when the white colored layered is scraped it causes slight bleeding. This oral infection is more common in children, and usually there is not need for treatment unless it is healed within a couple of weeks. Also, people taking certain prescription drugs are prone to the infection, for instance steroids medications.

Secondly, people suffering from immune system disorders may suffer from this infection, for example people suffering from HIV or AIDS or getting through chemotherapy may get infected easily. In addition, older or youngsters with low immunity are also sentenced to this infection. Also, people suffering from poor health may get infected. The effective and reliable home remedies for oral thrush can eliminate the infection quickly. There are some simple home remedies for oral thrush that are mentioned ahead.

1. Develop a habit to maintain oral hygiene. While suffering from infection brush thrice daily, and change the brush frequently until infection is healed.

2. Avoid using mouthwash while suffering from infection; instead of it use homemade mouthwash. Mix equal parts of Echinacea, licorice and myrrh. Use this mixture as mouthwash.

3. Clean the white layer on tongue with soft cotton ball thrice daily. Use mild pressure while cleaning to prevent bleeding.

4. In one cup of water, add half teaspoon of salt. Mix the mixture till the salt is dissolved. Afterwards rinse your mouth with this mixture. Do not swallow it instead spit it.

5. This is the most effective remedy among many other home remedies for oral thrush. Mix apple cider vinegar, warm water and salt. Swish the mouth, and gargle the throat with this mixture to eliminate fungus.

6. Increase the intake of angles and garlic. The onion will help to heal white layer, and garlic will eliminate the fungus.

7. Swish mouth with fresh yogurt, and drink water shortly afterwards. It will increase the amount of healthy bacteria in the mouth.

8. In case a child is infected; clean their bottle nipples, pacifiers with hot water. In case of breastfeeding-feeding baby, clean the breasts with lanoline lotion, and consult pediatrician.