Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenail – Get Rid Of This Condition


An ingrown toenail, medically known as onychocryptosis, is a fairly common foot condition that usually affects big toe. It is caused by the abnormal growth of toenail into the skin. The most frequent causes of an ingrown toenail are an injury to the toenail, wearing tight or improperly fitting shoes, and trimming toenails too short or in a curved way. The symptoms of this condition typically include pain, tenderness, redness around the toenail, swelling of the toe, and infection of the tissues that surround the toenail. It should be noted that if not treated properly, it can lead to a severe infection of the underlying bones. Complications can be more serious in people who have diabetes.

Most cases of it can be treated at home using some effective home remedies for ingrown toenail. However, people with diabetes or any other disease that affects blood circulation should seek medical advice to treat this condition. It is wise to start the treatment as soon as the symptoms of ingrown toenail appear. Wash your feet with soap and warm water at least two times a day. It is helpful to kill bacteria and prevent infection. Make sure to keep the foot always clean and dry. One of the most recommended natural cures for this condition is to soak your feet in warm salt water for about 15 to 20 minutes, three or four times daily.

Hydrogen peroxide is considered as a helpful home remedy. Damp a cotton ball with some hydrogen peroxide and use it to clean the affected toenail. You should do this three or four times a day. In order to stop the toenail from growing into the skin, gently lift the nail from the skin and put a cotton ball or dental floss between the toenail and skin. Use a bandage or tape to hold the cotton ball or dental floss in place. You should change it daily until the ingrown toenail is completely gone. It is also recommended to apply some antiseptic cream to before placing the cotton ball or dental floss under the toenail. Onion and lemon can also be used as home remedies for ingrown toenail. Apply a slice of onion on the affected toenail, cover it with a bandage, and allow it to remain there overnight.

A best way to separate the ingrown toenail from the skin is to place a thin slice of lemon in between the toenail and skin and secure it with a bandage or tape. Leave it there overnight. Massaging the area around the toenail with tea tree oil is also helpful to soften the skin and thereby remove the nail. After applying the tea tree oil, do not forget to place a tiny piece of cotton ball under the toenail to help it grow normally. One of the most important home remedies for ingrown toenail is to avoid using tight-fitting or high-heel shoes. Try to wear sandals, flip flops or open-toed shoes until your toenail is healed. It is also the best way to prevent future ingrown toenails.