Home Remedies For Heartburn

There are many home remedies for heartburn. While many are just old wives tales we will attempt to convey a few heartburn remedies here that will indeed help stop acid reflux. While these may not be actual cures, they will give some relief to that dreadful pain of heartburn

Regardless of what you call it, heartburn, acid reflux, gerd…probably some names I can’t print here, the nagging pain of heartburn is unmistakable. It really should be called something like “esophagusburn” since the burn is not actually from the heart. It is caused by acids released by your stomach leaking into your esophagus. We won’t go into any of the nasty symptoms of this acid reflux. If You suffer from any of them they need no further description from me!

There are several prescription drugs available to treat heartburn. Read the labels! It is not advisable to take any of them for longer than 8 weeks. They treat only the symptoms and are not a cure. Long term use can be dangerous.

Here are a few natural remedies that are not dangerous in any way. These home remedies for heartburn will soothe your symptoms and may just stop you from that middle of the night reach for more antacids!

First, avoid the urge to hit the couch after supper. I know it is tempting to stretch out for an after dinner nap, but is best to wait at least an hour or two before lying down.

Next, cut down on the coffee. Caffeine can relax the esophagus and allow the acids to reflux. Nicotine can also irritate the lining of the esophagus. Maybe this is reason enough to give up smoking.

Don’t eat at bedtime. Many heartburn sufferers have found that by eliminating that snack right at bedtime will help stop acid reflux.

Now for a few do’s. Eat more apples! Apples offer a cooling effect for the stomach. Eat the fresh with the peeling still on.

A few almonds will offer some relief during a heartburn attack. Make sure to chew them well to avoid swallowing excess air.

Drink more water between your meals. You may be surprised that it is not a good idea to drink fluids of any type with your meals. It can lead to a fuller stomach and increase the chance of heartburn.

Finally, keep an adequate supply of unsalted soda crackers on hand. This may be another old wives tale, but it actually works well.

There are many home remedies for heartburn. I hope these few will bring you some relief when you next episode of heartburn, acid reflux, gerd or whatever you call it hits you!