Home Remedies for Gastritis

Many people all over the world are suffering from the serious problem of gastritis. It is a trouble caused by the thinning of stomach lining as a result of indigestion. Some believe over-eating is culprit while others feel excessive use of drugs or medicines.

However, this is not something which cannot be cured. Improving diet, exercising control over cholesterol-based food, and drinking water and juices are a few good solutions. By keeping regular check on weight, the metabolic and digestion system remain intact, thus, preventing ulcers.

There are a number of medical drugs available over the counter to control the sudden bout of gastritis. Taking medicine either as tablet or liquid with warm water is generally prescribed by medical practitioners. However, people have become addicted to medicines. If the pain becomes unbearable or it’s a case of chronic gastritis, then people on medication often believe in continuity. Sometimes, overdoses become a regular thing just as chronic pains.

Therefore, it is advisable to follow a home remedy which has no side effects because of its purity and non-addiction. Garlic is one such herb which can be eaten along or after meal. Taking a few small cloves of garlic can kill the bubble of gas immediately. Eating raw ginger few minutes prior to lunch or dinner can also solve the issue too. Another natural and good remedy is coconut water which is more pure than even mineral water.

It is often advised by medical practitioners to have juices in plenty. Lemon or lime juice can relax the muscles of stomach making it easy to digest what has been swallowed. The fluids are extremely good for stomach and intestines. Vegetables can be beneficial for curing this stomach trouble. Spinach and carrot have a lot of anti-gas contents that ease the stomach if taken in raw form after meals.

The dairy product like buttermilk can give relief to people suffering from chronic gastritis. The yogurt is churned with water; excess butter is removed while making butter milk. One can add common salt, roasted cumin seeds and crushed coriander leaves for taste. With every intake of buttermilk, the stomach gets relieved and relaxed resulting in proper digestion.

Gastritis is not a serious disease that cannot be cured. But as “Precaution is better than cure”, it is good to keep a strict eye on diet. The food can prove harmful to human body if not taken in proper proportions or imbalanced manner.