Home Remedies for Gas

Are you looking for a home remedy for gas and bloating? Check out today's article!

Have you also been looking for quick and effective, easy to follow management techniques for flatulence?

Simply by reading this article this far tells me that you KNOW that gassiness or flatulence can make day-to-day living more difficult because the feeling of tenderness or fullness tends to linger, and the urges to belch or break wind are very hard to control .

If you have felt like just giving up and letting flatulence have its way with you, like I felt just before I started my QUEST, think about this:

There ARE steps that you can perform today that will greatly minimize the impact on flatulence in your daily life.

To share EVERYTHING I have learned on my Quest to red myself from flatulence and gassiness, there would be way too much to write about in this post.

So, i just want to share 3 quicksteps with you today:

1. Learn to integrate exercise into your daily routine . This is one of the most important changes that you can make to your daily lifestyle. Exercise is the most potent natural remedy in the world, and it actually helps us flatulence sufferers manage our excess gassiness effectively.

Why? Exercise helps balance the body in every aspect – it reduces blood pressure, cuts down on bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, and it also helps regulate blood glucose levels so they do not spike or dip, among other benefits. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day.

Now, before you think I want expect you to change into one of those "at the gym 20hours per day" types, hear me out first:

It does not matter what kind of exercise you do – as long as it involves some form of physical resistance (eg dribbling a ball, smashing a racket against a shuttlecock, or running in a straight line), it's a good choice – just stick with it. The more consistent you are with exercise, the better the results, so just wait for the exercise to correct your spastic colon. Trust me, one of the first things I learned on my QUEST, is how easy it really is to form good habits. Try it, if I could do it, ANYBODY can do it.

2. Avoid dairy products , or at least minimize your daily consumption. A large percentage of adult Americans suffer from some degree of lactose intolerance.

This simply means that our digestive tracts lose their ability to properly break down all the components of milk. Milk is the base material for all beverages and food items that include any form of dairy.

You can not make a dairy product without milk, period.

If you want to remove one of the largest risk factors that predispose a person to flatulence, cut out dairy products for a week and see what happens. This one was a bit hard on me, I could finish a pound of cheese for breakfast. A cheese midnight snack was almost routine. Still, I persevered, and actually tried this technique, and VOILA, it did work. However, I was not prepared to give up on my dairy for good: My QUEST continued …

If the flatulence does not go away after you have removed all of the dairy-containing food items in your daily diet, try cutting out other common foods in your diet.

Acidic beverages like soda pop and fruit juices can also cause some degree of flatulence and hyperacidity. Try minimizing your consumption of these beverages as well, and see how your body responds. Fruit juices was a huge cause of gassiness for me. As soon as I just slowed down on the regular intake, I experienced vast flatulence decreases.

3. Consult with a nutritionist to find out more about foods that are known for causing flatulence. Beans are widly loathed because they can cause a mean case of gassiness; however, did you know that vegetables like cauliflower can also have the same effect on you? It was not hard for me to COMPLETELY cut cauliflower from my diet!

If you have severe flatulence, a professional nutritionist can educate you about to which foods will trigger more flatulence and which foods will not. A special diet that excludes most trigger foods is essential for the long-term management of flatulence.