Home Remedies for Diaper Rash – What to Do for Infant Skin Rashes


Infants have a very sensitive and delicate skin, and the chances of them getting a diaper rash are very high. Just when you may think that leaving a wet diaper on the baby for a few hours will not cause much harm, the rash might start to develop. Of course, the rate of the development of the rash, and its occurrence is different in each baby. But overall, wet diapers not changed for a long time can cause severe rashes on the baby’s buttocks as well as legs.

It is obviously not safe to trust different medicines and creams available in the market to cure rashes on the baby’s skin. They might have a harmful effect which could create further damage. Thus, it is always good to go in for some safe and tested home remedies instead, which cause no harm, and are quite effective too. With these home remedies, you can be guaranteed that your infant’s skin will not be damaged in anyway.

One of the simplest things that you can begin with is to apply coconut oil regularly on the rash. It will help to soothe the itching and the irritation and will give some comfort to your baby. When infants are affected with diaper rash, they have a tendency to cry a lot as a means of expressing their pain. But with coconut oil, the rash should be able to get cured faster, and the baby will be fine.

Next, make sure that you are not using low quality diapers of any kind of harsh clothing on the baby while he/she is affected with the rash. That can cause further irritation and will make the problem more complicated.

Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the rash to help it cure faster. It will also reduce the inflammation and the itching and will make the baby feel relaxed. Aloe Vera gel is very cool in nature, and its properties are good for treating many different kinds of skin allergies. Besides, it is completely safe and has no harmful effects on the baby.

To relax the baby’s skin, it is a good idea to make your baby stand in front of the fan for a little while, so that the air can reduce the burning sensation. This is not exactly a cure for the rash, but is definitely a good way to cool down the rash and comfort the baby.

There are many different ointments available in the market for rashes of all kinds, and special ones that are meant only for diaper rashes. However, it is always good to first have a check with your doctor before you use that ointment on your baby’s skin. In severe cases, the doctor may also advise some minor diet tips to ensure that the baby does not feel irritated with the rash. Some people also apply a paste made out of corn starch on the rash to cure it, and to reduce the itching and discomfort.