Home Remedies for Cold Sores That Really Work


Many doctors call cold sore the plague of humanity. More than 90% of people have the simplex herpes virus but don’t get cold sores until a catalyst causes it to erupt. In this article I will tell you what causes cold sores and what the best home remedies for cold sores are.

Cold sores are small, blister-like lesions which usually appear around the mouth, on other soft tissues inside your mouth, such as the inside of the cheek or the undersurface of the tongue. Cold sores are contagious, so you want to be careful that they don’t spread to other parts of your body or other people.

There are two main reasons which cause cold sores. The first reason is the virus. As mentioned above, more than 90% of people have it. The second reason is vitamin deficient. Experts have revealed that the main cause of frequent cold sore is a Vitamin B deficiency.

Now let’s talk about home remedies for cold sores. A good supplement of Vitamin B12 is very efficient if you want to prevent cold sores. You can find it in any pharmacy. Aloe and cornstarch paste which are to be applied to the infected area is also very popular home remedy for cold sores. Any pain caused by a cold sore can be eased by applying a cold compress of witch hazel to the affected area or by taking paracetamol pill.

However these methods won’t treat your cold sore overnight. If you don’t want to wait more than a month and want to learn how to get rid of your cold sore in less than 3 days naturally, you should visit the link below for more information.