Home Remedies for Cold Sores That Actually Work

Cold sores are a type of facial lesion that is found either on the lips or else on the skin in the area immediately adjacent to the mouth. The herpes simplex virus causes cold sores. After a first breakout often during childhood, the virus may lay dormant for years, but it can come active at anytime. Triggers include fever, infection, stress, sun or windy weather. Cold sores are contagious so take care not to spread them by contact.

Home Remedies for Cold sores

Use Echinacea and goldenseal extract mixture. Echinacea is an immune system booster that can also prevent a cold sore outbreak. Take one dropper-full a day for no more than 3 days. Also put a few drops on a cotton ball and place on the affected area for a few minutes several times a day.

Lemon balm contains a high concentration of polyphenols and appears to minimize herpes outbreaks. It can be applied topically in cream form. Or brew as a tea lemon balm can be taken internally as it has antiviral qualities.

Dab on some lip balm with sun protection. If you have had an outbreak of cold sores in the past, you should wear a lip balm with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 at all times, but especially when you are outdoors in the sun, to prevent a cold sore, says Dr. Kakita. You can find lip balms with high SPFs in sporting goods stores and drugstores.

Avoid the foods that are acidic or very salty such as citrus fruit and potato chips as they can both aggravate cold sores as well as being painful on the lesion and make sure you eat red meat and dairy products which are high in lysine.

Because sun can cause cold sores, it is advisable to use a sunscreen, particularly a high protection cream designed specifically for the lips.

Creams containing lysine, or based on lemon balm or tea tree oil help moisturize the infected area as well as provide a protective layer and fight the virus.

A lot of the better home remedied for cold sores typically include taking vitamins and other supplements, as well as changing your overall diet. You can also use ice packs or try applying different juices or powders directly to the sore.

Actually, you’ll find that a lot of the silliest-sounding remedies work so much better than more traditional solutions. Not all of the ideas in this article are bizarre, but they’re definitely novel compared to the average product you’d buy at a local drug store or pharmacy.

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