Home Remedies For Cold Sores – How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore

Not again, it starts with a faint tingle, barely noticeable, but you know exactly what's coming. You're on the verge of another outbreak and you want nothing more than to never have to deal with this again. This is reality for approximately 25% of the population. Due to the masses of people who have been afflicted with this virus, many individuals while looking for how to get rid of a cold sore turn to home remedies for cold sores. We're going to take some time to discuss what options are available so you can choose which is best for you.

First understand that there is no herpes cure, this virus once acquired lays dormant in the system for the majority of the time. However those who have contracted the herpes virus may periodically suffer from outbreaks of cold sores. Even though no cure exist that does not mean that we can treat the symptoms to make outbreaks more bearable. Most cold sores retreat on their own overtime but medicine can lessen the discomfort and duration of the outbreak. There are also home remedies for cold sores that can help reduce the frequency of the outbreaks.

There are two avenues that can be taken when deciding how to get rid of a cold sore. The first is the oral antiviral medication which can be effective during your first outbreak and if taken during the onset of following outbreaks. These oral medications are only available by prescription and should be used when symptoms initially develop. The symptoms often include burning and itching. Once in a outbreak is fully developed an oral antiviral medications has little effect. Oral antivirals may be taking daily in some instances to prevent recurrence especially in cases where outbreaks are frequent and painful.

The second type of remedy which is more often used as a home remedy for cold sores is a topical cream or ointment. These are often available without a doctor's prescription and can be effective in reducing pain, itching and duration of the outbreak.There are other treatments which are also utilized in some cases. If the first episode of cold sores is painful enough to cause difficulty eating, sleeping or drinking is sometimes children have to be made to drink water in order to stop dehydration. Other complimentary medicines have been proven to be effective treatments for cold sores. However, it is recommended that you find treatments that work best for you. Vitamin C, lysine supplements, and lemon balm has been shown to provide relief for some cold sore sufferers.