Home Remedies For Cancer and Tumors

Hearing that you have been diagnosed with something as serious as cancer or a tumor can be disheartening and could have devastating consequences. For those who do not believe that modern medicine is the best choice for them there are some home remedies for cancer and tumors that you can attempt. These home remedies might also be a good idea for someone who wants to try and have better success with the treatments that they are receiving from modern medicine. No matter what your reasons are there is no reason that you should not try to do what you can to cure your cancer and tumors naturally.

If you have a tumor that is located on the outside of your body then there is a great thing that is simple to do. This is that you should place gold or glass beads on it as this will heat it up naturally. Since tumor cells die at a much lower temperature than normal body cells this can result in these cancer and tumor cells dying. There are many different people who swear by this. Another home remedy for cancer and tumors that is said to work is to put baking soda on it. This is said to work as baking soda is an alkaline and thought to kill these cells as well.

Today more and more scientific testing is being done to draw conclusions based on those who have claimed to heal cancer and other horrific diseases naturally. These people claim that they have been able to use food and eating the right types of food, which consists of a low fat plant based diet, that you can actually heal your body from all ailments. One of these claims is that you can heal cancer. This does make perfect sense in some ways when you consider that there are always cancer cells in your body and that you just do not have a problem with them until they start to grow out of control. These claims rest on the idea that you can have certain things that your body was made to do and that by feeding your body the intended nutrients that you will be naturally healthier in all ways. Use these home remedies for cancer and tumors and feel the difference.