Home Made Remedies For Diabetes

The metabolic disorder that hinders the utilization of glucose completely and partially is known as diabetes. Diabetes can further be of two types namely: 1-diabetes mellitus (insulin -dependent diabetes) and 2-diabetes mellitus (non insulin -dependent diabetes). In 1 type of diabetes the blood sugar level is not normal due to the inefficiency of the body to produce sufficient insulin and in the type numbered 2, the cells are unable to respond properly to the insulin. The first type of diabetes generally occurs during childhood or adolescence but other ages are also attacked. In order to be healthy these patients need insulin daily. The normal blood sugar without having food is between 80 to 120 mg/dl and this can move up a level of 160mg/dl within two hours after having your meals. The second type of diabetes is found mostly in adults and specifically in those who are overweight and over forty years old. These people can control the sugar level in their blood by controlling their weight along with regular exercises and a balanced diet.

Some of the basic symptoms of diabetes are increased thrust, urination very frequently, an appetite increase, able to feel weakness and loss of weight along with erection problems. The probable causes of diabetes are insulin deficiency or resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a life full of stress and burdens and eating excessively. It is also a hereditary disease and can be transferred to you by your parents.

Some home made natural remedies for curing diabetes in an effective manner are as follows:

1. In one glass of water you need to boil fifteen fresh leaves of mango and leave it for one night. In the morning filter this and drink it. This should be the first thing you need to intake in the morning.

2. Half teaspoon of ground day leaf and half teaspoon of turmeric needs to be mixed with one tablespoon of gel of Aloe Vera. The mixture should be taken twice a day before the lunch and dinner.

3. Small Bitter Gourd’s watery juice with its seed removed should be drunk two times every day. This is considered to be the best natural remedy for diabetes.

4. In one liter of boiling water add 3- tablespoons of cinnamon and simmer it for the duration of twenty minutes in a low flame. Now strain the mixture and drink this at least two times every day.

5. You can also eat fresh curry leaves two times a day to reduce the sugar level in your body.

6. Fish-berry is crushed and soaked in water for one day and the juice is taken as the first thing in the morning.

And some more home remedies for diabetes:

o Boil 1 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, cool and drink daily.

o Soak almonds in water and eat every morning before you eat anything else.

o Boil a cup of water with mango leaves; drink the water every morning to treat diabetes.

o A good treatment is to eat soybeans.

o Eat cucumbers daily.

o Exercise to keep your body balanced.

o Add turmeric powder to your food it’s good for diabetes and add flavor.

o Eat tomatoes every day.