Home Made Peter Pan Costume

Peter pan is a playful Disney channel character that does not want to become adult and teaches 3 darling children namely Michael, John and Wendy how to fly. This costume is small green tunic with hem, green tights, and brown belt keeping a hold on dagger, soft brown shoes and hat with red feather. Not only kids, but adults also wear Peter Pan costumes.

Home made peter pan costumes

Costumes can also be made at home by using different things like tin foil, cardboard, leather sandals, leather belt, red feather, brown material and green material. A step by step guide of how to make a peter pan costume is given below:

  • Peter Pan character is always shown in hose and tunic, though material can differ. In order to make this costume, you can use green material to create tunic. The idea about appealing patterns can be taken from local or online stores. This tunic will have jagged bottom and sleeves, along with leather string and collar in the front.
  • Once you have created the tunic, next you need is brown fabric to create trouser or hose. It is entirely upon one how taut fitting he requires. If one does not feel like creating trousers from scratch, then there are so many places to get cheap leggings or sweat pants to complete peter pan look.
  • Now, one needs a leather belt to complete peter pan Halloween costume and fasten the tunic just down at waist. Peter pan can also carry a sword to create a real impression. One can get sword at any local toy shop or one can also make it on his own. A cardboard cut in sword’s shape and then enfolded in the tin foil is going to give the look of a real play sword. Length of a sword may depend upon the cardboard one has.
  • The making of hat is an essential part of the costume. Make a simple design and then use green fabric to make cylindrical hat and place red feather in left side to cover it and complete the look. One can also glue the feather to ensure it stays.
  • Lastly, brown shoes or leather made sandals will keep you warm and complete your peter ban costume.

If one lives in cold place, he might consider making tunic with long sleeves. The fabric one selects can also be fleece or flannel for cold weather conditions.

For girls, these costumes can include sheer trimmed wings with sparkling scroll patterns and 2 flowers fastened at waist.


No matter, one is in marketplace for children or adults outfit these kinds of Disney costumes are going to leave him contented. A suede textured polyester made tunic of olive green color with black lacing on chest and jagged scratched hem will give an adult a complete rustic look. This costume can be completed with vinyl belt, green cap with red feather and using some fantastic accessories like swords.