Home Cures For Oral Thrush


Thrush may most often be caused in adults by a compromised immune system but there are home cures for oral thrush as well as tips to help you deal with thrush effectively and naturally. You take care of getting healthy and these remedies will take care of the rest!

First thing in all the home cures for thrush is making sure that you get enough of the friendly bacteria that your body needs to keep yeast from wreaking havoc in your body. You can get this friendly bacterium in things like probiotic yogurt or acidophilus supplements. Garlic, coconut oil, honey and apple cider vinegar also contain the active ingredients your body needs to fight off a yeast infection. These things are easy to find and can be consumed on their own or as garnishes on salads.

Home cures for oral yeast infections of course also need to be able to offer you relief from the pain and discomfort. You can get this relief by using some of those items listed above. For instance, you can take a tablespoon of probiotic yogurt and hold it in your mouth for a few minutes several times a day for soothing and healing.

The same can be done using a crushed fresh clove of garlic or even an opened acidophilus capsule. The apple cider vinegar can be mixed with warm water and honey and made into a tasty beverage that will soothe the mouth and the throat. And coconut oil can be applied right onto the lips and mouth.

Home cures for oral thrush are a combination of a few things rather than just one miracle pill. Thankfully these steps are all easy and even inexpensive so that's a couple less things to worry about so you can focus on getting better.