Holiday Heart Attack – 4 Ways You Can Prevent a Heart Attack From Happening

Holiday heart attack? It seems that during the holidays, heart disease is on the rise with a lot more people experiencing this condition. Therefore, basically, it is very important knowing how one can prevent this situation from happening. I will be sharing a few things with you here in this article.

4 Ways To Prevent A Holiday Heart Attack:

1) Drinking Alcohol – You will want to limit your alcohol consumption during this time. I know it will be pretty hard during this time, because there will be so many get togethers with family and friends. You must try to control yourself during these parties. Alcohol effects your heart and raises your blood pressure. People that already have this condition need to be especially careful. The alcohol effects the top chambers of your heart and can cause atrial fibrillation.

2) High Fat Meals – You also will need to avoid extremely high fat meals. The reason being your arteries do not work as well from 6 to 12 hours after eating a meal high in fat. When you eat meals that are high in fat, blood rushes to the intestines to help in digestion. Therefore, if have arteries that are blocked, blood flow with be restricted and it could lead to you experiencing chest pain.

3) Your Feelings – You will need to cope with your feelings. You need to realize that depression and grief can break you. During this time, there is a lot of stress to deal with. Preparing meals, dealing with guests, shopping and dealing with the crowds in stores is a lot to deal with. Not to mention, the financial strain this period can have on someone.

4) Your Fireplace – You need to stay clear of the fireplace. You should try not to stay to close to your fireplace, because even if it is venting well, there still is a lot of particles there. There are toxins due to wood, which can be bad for asthma.