Hockey Can Be a Dangerous Sport

Hockey can be one of the most dangerous sports ever played, because there are so many ways a hockey player can get hurt. These players need to be in great physical shape in order to play the sport. A hockey player can be, severely injured while playing the game of hockey, because there are fights, they can get into, and falls on the ice could break bones.

When a hockey puck is struck with the hockey stick it can reach a speed of 150 miles per hour. If you are, hit with this puck, it could make a bruise; however, if you are, hit in the face with the hockey puck you could be looking for your teeth.

There have been many incidents, where players either have been, hit with the puck or have lost their teeth in a fight that ensued. However, if there is ever a fight in hockey, the players are supposed to throw their gloves and stick down. If players do not, throw their gloves and stick, they will be, suspended from the game.

Hockey players reach speeds of 25 to 30 miles per hour or more during a hockey game. However, if two players hit each other at these speeds the out come could be severe. There has been talk that many hockey games, had to be stopped when someone was hurt and had to be taken to the hospital.

Millions of hockey players suffer from broken bones each year, and many of them are never able to return to the game of hockey, because some of the injuries they have received. In addition, these hockey players wear pads to protect them but it does not matter how tough you are, or how much you have worked to protect your body from being, hit by another hockey player.

These hockey players weigh well over three hundred pounds, or more and when they hit you. It feels like you have been, hit with a wreaking ball, because they are traveling at speeds of 25 to 30 miles an hour when they crash into you.

There is really no way that a player can keep from getting hurt while playing hockey, so many of them constantly workout their bodies to ensure that they do not get hurt. However, the game of hockey can ware a person’s body down very quickly, and cause many knee and elbow problems as well as much more. Therefore, be safe and play hard if you play the sport of hockey.