HIV Rash Symptoms – What You Need to Know


HIV rash symptoms are usually seen in people who have contracted the HIV virus. Unfortunately this specific symptom of HIV is one of the latest symptoms that appear, which means that the HIV infection has come to its final stage before turning into AIDS. In the following article we are going to discuss more about HIV rashes, and its symptoms.

The HIV rash can be described as a kind of rash which a HIV infected person may see on its skin. There are also cases where the rash appeared because of the medicines the affected person takes in order to keep the disease under control. According to some researches about 85% of HIV infected people will experience rash at one moment in their lives.

The HIV infection rash can be described as a small, slightly raised, patch of skin with small bumps. The main difference between this specific rash and other kinds of rashes is the coloration which varies of the skin tone of the infected person. If the infected person has light or pale skin color then the rash is usually dark red to red-brown. If the affected person has dark skin color the rash is dark brown to purple-black. The HIV rash usually appears 2-3 weeks after the infection and is not that rare amongst people. Unfortunately it is considered to be one of the late symptoms of HIV. For that reason, it is smart to know the symptoms of HIV and always ask for doctor’s help. This also applies for other diseases and infections too, because if you react in time there are chances that you will eliminate the disease in its initial stage or at least keep it under control.

The rash which generally appears in HIV infected persons makes the skin scaly and dry. Sometimes it is similar to a bad case of psoriasis. The symptoms of HIV rash in women are followed by genital sores or warts. The symptoms and signs of HIV rash in women are quite similar to the symptoms in men. They include genital sores or warts. The symptoms of acute HIV rash are peeling of the skin which can lead to sores and blisters on the genitals. Apart from the genital the HIV rash can also appear on the face and this mainly happens in the initial stages of the treatment. This rash as a symptom of HIV infection is valuable since it increases the chances for a precise diagnosis. This actually means that there are many people who got used to live with HIV.