Hiring an S1 Attorney? Taking a Company Public? Watch Your Back

For companies interested to go public the basic understanding is to find an S1 attorney that will look out for your best interest and make the process easy. But what you're not thinking about is the sub-sector of predatory attorneys that just look at you as easy prey. They'll jump into your company, distract you by confusing you with technical jargon, fast talking and stressful scenarios that could never happen and when you're not looking they'll carve out a nice fat piece of equity on top of their excessive fees that pile up as they rob you blind with their insularely fees.

Qualify your S1 lawyer the way you would a blind, deaf, mute, quadriplegic proctologist before you go in for surgery. The fact that they can do what you've read in their promotional material is possible but most likely will not happen, not that it can not happen it's just they can not make it happen. Got it?

Be wary of S1 attorneys that will try to confuse you and distract you from your original goal. Let's say it was your goal to go public on the OTCBB, the attorney who wants to take you for a ride will distract you with statements geared towards far fetched issues to scare you into submitting to their, not so far off, actions of adding fees , slicing off equity and other things of this nature. A perfect example is an attorney who gets involved with the client's PPM share price with oppressive authority. If you're a company has a valuation of $ 3m they are trying to tell you to sell shares pre public for $ 1.00 or so which is absolutely, completely unrealistic, especially when you look at existing in the post public arena. They will tell you that at.20 cents per share pre public your pre revenue company will never have a chance to get on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ should be the farthest thing from your mind at this stage as you should be focusing on your pre public share price and post public IR). If the predator S1 lawyer sees you've organized and have a solid comprehension of the process they will take away your confidence in those around you to gain more dependence by you. They will tell you that you can not pay your IR firm the way you've already negotiated or that they are dirty or whatever.

When it comes to the PCAOB audit they will absolutely insist on you using their guy even though he charges twice the amount of other firms thatave you a quote and you can rest assured that the markup is their commission for scaring you into using this firm.

At the end of the day the predatory S1 attorney will confess you, up-sell, over charge, scare, belittle and whatever else they have to do to make sure that at the end of the day they can get away with charging and taking everything without having to deliver anything and it will be structured so that the blame falls on you for not fulfilling the obligations set on you by the attorney. Good luck out there!