Hip Shield – Increased Protection For Elderly & Patients in Post – Operative Care

Fall management is an extremely important process for both elderly patients and patients in post-operative care. The fear for elderly patients is that a slip or fall can cause serious consequences with major bone breaks and sprains that can lead to prolonged spells immobilised in hospital and at home.

Being prepared for an accident can help save lives and serious injury. A broken hip is one of the most unfortunate but common injuries in elderly people. A   hip   fracture  is often caused by weak bones and osteoporosis, which is a greater risk for people with old age.  Hip   fractures  invariably require surgery to rectify the problem and this can create weeks and months of mobility rehabilitation.

This is where the Hip Shield comes in handy. This innovative protective shield is designed to prevent a fall becoming an injury by absorbing and reflecting the impact of a fall away from the vulnerable hipbone. The Hip Shield is most importantly extremely discreet and can be worn in a pair of protector pants beneath skirts or trousers. Catering for both male and female patients, Hip Shield pants are available in two styles based on waist measurements suitable for day or nightwear.

Patients can purchase single or triple pack Hip Shield options, with the triple pack containing three pairs of pants plus one pair of hip protectors. This is the perfect solution for independent users, with one pair to wear, one in the wash and one spare. For peace of mind and confidence when moving in and outside the home, purchase one of the best selling products from mobility specialists.