Hip Fractures and the Elderly

Hip fractures and the elderly go together. Unfortunately, if you are over the age of 65, you have a 50% chance of suffering a hip fracture in your lifetime. Then, if you are female, your are even more likely to become the victim of such a debilitating health concern.

Although the fracture can pretty much immobilize you for an extended period of time, it is not the main concern of your health care providers. Circulation is compromised when you are unable to move around and get the blood flowing. Then, a blood clot can develop and threaten your very life. Approximately 29% of elderly people that suffer a hip fracture will not live beyond the next year.

Do Not Tempt Fate

With one half of all elder citizens susceptible to a hip fracture, and one third of those will probably die within the next year, it would be wise not to tempt fate. By now, you have lived long enough to know that you are not indestructible and it does not always happen to the other guy.

Be Safe, not Sorry

So, now you know. Be safe, not sorry. Learn what you can do to prevent hip fracture. It is no guarantee, but it will reduce those nasty odds. Do not wait for something scary to happen, before taking safety precautions.

You know that certain activities are a little more precarious than they were 20 years ago. For example, getting out of a chair can result in a fall, if you have trouble with your balance. So, you might want to invest in a lift chair or lift cushion to steady your rise.

Reviews kitchen there the For are On all sorts of gadgets to help, the if your hands are On not color : as strong color : as they 're of used to be a few years ago. For instance, a jar opener can keep the pain of arthritis at bay, and help you avoid dropping the jar and cutting yourself in the attempt to separate the lid from the jar.

In the bedroom, a bedrail or a hospital bed can support you. While at rest or during transition from reclining to standing, you have several options to assist in making your bedroom a safe room. Often the elderly fall when getting up in the middle of the night. So, a bedside commode can also help prevent a hip fracture.

Now, the only room of your home to briefly consider is the bathroom. Although last, it is definitely not least. In fact, it is probably the most dangerous room in the house, when it comes to hip fractures. A show chair, raised toilet seat, and handrails distributed throughout are all ways to prevent falling in the restroom.

One more Idea

So much equipment and devices have been developed to help the elderly live safely at home, preventing hip fractures and other accidents. You will have a plethora of ideas to make life a little easier. But, every elderly person, including you, that lives alone should also have some sort of alert device. Then, if something does happen, help is only a push button away. So, now you know how to be safe, not sorry.