Himalaya products are made with herbal ingredients suitable for all ages and people

Himalaya health care products are result of rigorous research & development carried out by Himalaya Drug Company. The company carries out research and development in Pharmacognosy, Formulation and Development of medicines, Immuno-pharmacology, Veterinary Pharmacology, etc. Whereas, the company started as small unit with a hand operated tablet punching machine, today, Himalaya Drugs Company has ultramodern and latest manufacturing machines and equipments. Equipped with modern technological tools and well trained employees, Himalaya Drug Company produces a wide range of herbal products.
Started at Dehradun, Himalaya Drugs Company today has production units at Mumbai, Makali, Bangalore, etc. All the manufacturing units of the company are well equipped with quality checking machines and mechanism which ensure that there are no substandard products sold to customers. Its R&D facility at Bangalore works hard towards innovating highly beneficial Himalaya Herbal Products which could be used for various specific purposes. A substantial portion of revenues is invested in research and development of the company.
Quality is something which matters a lot in herbal product, and Himalaya Drugs Company produces quality polyherbal formulations used in various health complications. The firm grows rare herbs at its farmland where careful hands of its trained employees collect them and process the same for higher medicinal value. The firm stresses on quality with imposition of several quality circles and special project teams working on Total Quality Management (TQM).
Himalaya herbals are used to cure multifaceted cardioprotective, antispasmodic, acne, joint problems, urinary calculi & UTI, liver problem, arthritis control, diabetics, mental problems, cough linctus for diabetics, eyes, inflammation, antidiarrheal, acute constipation, defence mechanism, gaseous distension, piles, blood pressure in hypertensives, antistress adaptogenic, derma care, blood detoxifier, urinary tract, etc.
The research begins with raw herbs chosen from traditional texts and from observations and experiences of indigenous plants. The process is observed minutely in clean environment. A blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology is used to produce effective herbal medicines which have high medicinal values.
Himalaya herbals are made using Polyherbal formulations which provide extensive scope of pharmacological and cosmetic values. Moreover, World Health Organization recommendations such as multicentered, double-blind trials, etc. are followed rigorously ensuring scientific validity. All efforts are made to standardize Himalaya herbal products which are a daunting challenge. However, the firm is able to cope with quality infirmities and impurities and producing internationally acclaimed medicinal products.