Highly Effective Home Remedies for Burns And Wounds Which Reduce Pain And Help In Healing

It is important to know how to use simple home remedies for treating minor burns, cuts, bruises and scrapes. If you have kids in the house, it is very important to arm yourself with this knowledge so that you can do something in a timely manner if any mishap occurs. Fortunately there are many effective home remedies which can help in healing cuts, scrapes and minor burns. In case of severe burns or cuts you should seek immediate medical help without unnecessary delay.

Burns – Let us first discuss about burns and what to do for treating them. Burns are usually caused by fire, hot liquids or steam. Minor burns, also called first-degree burns, are those that only damage the upper layers of the skin. The affected area may turn reddish. If it is not treated on time, painful blisters may develop. Thankfully there are many natural home remedies which can facilitate healing and minimize pain.

1) Cold water – To stop a burn from spreading, run cold water over it immediately within seconds of burning. Run the cold water for several minutes and repeat every few hours in order to reduce pain. Do not use ice as it can restrict blood flow causing damage to the skin tissues.

2) Raw potato – It can be used to treat minor burns as it has soothing and anti-irritation properties. Slice a piece of raw potato to rub on the burned area. It helps in minimizing pain and reduces the chances of blisters. Potatoes are full of moisture which is helpful in taking away the heat from the skin and providing instant relief from pain. Secondly, potatoes contain lot of vitamins which are helpful for quick healing.

3) Honey – It is a great natural remedy for burns as it instantly reduces the pain, moisturizes the area and encourages the skin to heal faster. Apply honey generously over the burned area and bandage it up for some time. Change the bandage every few hours until the skin is fully healed.

Cuts and wounds – There are many natural remedies to treat cuts, bruises and other wounds. These natural remedies can help in preventing infection, providing immediate relief from pain and facilitating quick healing of the wound. Let us look at some of the common home remedies for wounds.

1) Turmeric – It is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic. It can be applied directly on the wound and helps in stopping the bleeding immediately. It also alleviates pain and aids healing.

2) Garlic – It has excellent curative properties. The allicin present in garlic has been found to be as effective as 1% penicillin solution. Just crush a clove of garlic to apply directly on the wound. The pain and bleeding can stop almost immediately. Please keep in mind that garlic can cause damage to the skin, so do not leave it on the skin for more than 20 minutes at a time.

3) Honey – Some studies have shown that honey is actually far more effective than antibiotics. In many lab tests, it was found that honey could kill off the majority of bacterial cells and thus help in preventing infections. Applying honey on the wounds is an excellent way to speed up healing, alleviating pain and preventing any chance of infection. Make sure you are using raw honey because cooked honey does not have proper enzymes to do the task effectively. Wash the wound with water before applying honey, and then bandage it off. Change the bandage after 3-4 hours and again apply fresh honey until the wound is healed properly.

All the above mentioned home remedies are effective and have been used by people from centuries. However let me remind you again that in cases of severe burns or cuts you have to seek immediate medical assistance.