High School Graduation and Depression

With your high school graduation coming up, everyone should make sure to order a high school gowns as some may forget. You may find yourself experiencing more and more periods of depression. Change can cause depression to occur more often and the change from high school student to high school graduate is a pretty big one.

Make sure that you take the time for yourself that you need to. Someone who suffers from depression, whether you are on medication or not, can have a hard time dealing with such life changing events such as your high school graduation. While I am not saying, by any means, that you will have bouts of depression when it comes to leaving high school, as one who suffers from depression myself, I know that it was a hard time to deal with. I know that I had problems with quite a bit of depression when it came to leaving high school and moving on to the big bad world outside.

Take time to yourself and do things that will help to stave off the depression. If you have hobbies that you particularly enjoy, then you can do those more often to help with your depression. While it may not keep your depression away entirely, it may help to keep it at bay. If you enjoy painting, then by all means, spend more time painting and the same goes for things like drawing or writing.

I know that with my love of writing, it has helped me to really work through a lot of my issues when it came to my own high school graduation gowns. Before I started to write about how I was feeling, I was having days and even weeks of really bad depression that I had to really fight to get out of bed and continue to function. Once I started writing nightly, about anything and everything, it really helped. I would write about little things, like the squirrel I saw on the way to school that morning, or how hot one of the guys in my math class was.

While it is not a cure all and will not keep you depression free, it may help to keep things at bay and even get you into a habit and even help to develop your talent for your hobby. By practicing anything you will get better at it and when you enjoy it, it will really help to make you want to practice it.

Take, for example, the fact that before my high school graduation gowns, I started to write and keep a daily journal. I enjoyed it and wanted to do it more, so I started to write about everything I could. I would write poems and short stories. I would write about everything keeping a daily journal. It got me to the point that I wanted to vary my writing, so I get a thesaurus to help me expand my vocabulary. Not, not only do I write for a living, but I also have wide vocabulary that I can use in my writing and something like that doesn’t really disappear like some talents can.