High Quality Trophies Tips

What trophies are good quality trophies? Nowadays many clubs and associations leave behind the resin (plastic molded) figurines, and look to buy from the large amount of glass and crystal rewards that are now available and very affordable. Clubs and associations seem to want the most for their "buck", and in this very competitive industry, those offering lower quality products will lose you to the competition.

You can get some very good resin trophies, however these tend to be used for the larger in quantity "token" trophies, that clubs give to everyone who takes part in a particular competition.

Weight is as important as size when choosing a trophy product, also the actual detail of any artwork, or molding. There are some very good quality, well made resin trophies, nicely weighted, and these will always sell ahead of lightweight items that are not manufactured to the same level of quality.
So here are the golden rules:

1. Make sure the artwork detail is clear and precise. Engraving should be accurate, and of high quality.

2. There should be a decent weight to the product. Lightweight products are usually hollow and do not feel as good when presented to their recipient.

3. If you are being offered resin trophies think can you get crystal or glass for a similar price. Crystal and glass reflect light well and will look more attractive on a presentation evening. Many crystal awards come with a free presentation box nowdays.

Remember there is a lot of choice out there so so do not be afraid to push for what you want. This is the same when buying any product of course. But remember a lot of times people will be trying to clear out Trophy products that have not sold well, and are cheap, but they are cheap for a very good reason.

Something you could ask yourself is. "Would I be impressed if I was awarded this product?" If you are honest then you will usually avoid purchasing products that are not going to be as good a value for money as alternative trophies and awards.

You are spending the money. A lot of the time it is going to be a consider sum of money too. There are clubs that spend thousands on their trophies, yet do not even check on what products are being delivered to them till the actual day of the presentations. Surely it is better to make sure that you are buying the right trophies for your function before the work is done and they have been delivered. You can not complain if you have allowed a supplier to choose your products for you, allowed them to complete the work, then deliver them to you. Trophy providers are no more psychic than you are.

So remember the golden rules, and also that you are spending a lot of money, to award individuals for making something special. Make sure that you get the best value for that money by buying the best quality trophies and awards. The Trophies you buy, should be ones that you would be proud to take home if you were being presented with them.