High Myopia – What Causes Myopia?

Before we get into it, I’d like to clarify something right off the bat… if you have difficulties in dealing with the truth if it’s uncomfortable, you might as well stop reading now. If you, on the other hand, are dying to find out where high myopia comes from, and especially what you can do about it, so that it stops getting worse and worse every eye exam, you are in the right place.

Still with me? Great, I promise I won’t let you down!

The truth can be confronting at times and even more so when the “authorities” in the field hiding it from us, either out of ignorance, or out of profit thinking.

High Myopia & The Ophthalmic Industry

You see, when you go to an optometrist or eye surgeon and ask for the reason of your high myopia, they usually tell you that your lens is shaped too steeply, so you need to wear glasses or undertake surgery. So, I’m asking, should we trust them blindly, just because they studied for many years, or should we maybe get a second opinion?

The scholars of this world have believed for centuries what the catholic church wanted us to believe is true, so they were wrong, even though they were the most educated. Not because they were bad people, but because it didn’t suit the catholic church and it’s interests to listen to science.

Theories About The Causes Of Myopia

Unfortunately the ophthalmic industry, just like the catholic church a couple of centuries back, has interests that don’t encourage them to teach students the truth. At universities they still teach a theory about eye problems that was established by German physicist Hermann Helmholtz, rather than the much more accurate and modern theory of one of their own, ophthalmologist Dr William Bates.

So the reason why your eyes get worse and worse with glasses over the years has to do with the whole industry subscribing to the wrong theory. If they were right and glasses, contacts, or eye surgery would truly improve your vision and not just function as a crutch, wouldn’t you get weaker and weaker glasses prescribed, until they are gone?

Well, I haven’t heard that in a while…

True Causes For High Myopia

You have to understand that there are multiple reasons for high myopia. Some are physiological, and many are psychological. The physiological reasons are not the shape of the lens. That’s just the symptom of all the underlying reasons.

High myopia is often a result of bad posture, which restricts proper blood circulation throughout the body, and therefore doesn’t deliver appropriate amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the eye muscles. Together with already existing strain on the eye muscles that determine the shape of the eyeball, the lack of oxygen increases the tightness and strains the muscles even more.

The strain on these eye muscles flattens out eyeball, extending it like a zoom on a photo camera, and because the eyeball is full of liquid, it changes the shape of the lens. In other words, the lens gets pushed out, bends more than it should, and therefore is shaped more steeply. The more tension on the eye muscles, the more the eyeball is extended, and in turn the more myopia you get.

Treatments For High Myopia

High myopia can only be treated by getting rid of the tension in the eye muscles. To do so successfully and long-term you have to find out where the tension comes from, ie you have to determine the underlying causes for myopia. You can do that by yourself, totally naturally, you just need to become aware of how to do it.

Glasses, on the other hand, will never release the tension of the eye muscles, on the contrary, over time they will increase it, and that’s why you need stronger glasses.

Sadly, if you ask your optometrist or eye surgeon about the eye muscles and the influence on the shape of the lens they will tell you that it’s not true. They think that only one muscle around the lens is responsible for its shape. So if you ask, and you get that answer, ask them why others improve their vision naturally with natural vision correction methods (which are supposedly shenanigans and cost only a hundred bucks one time) and need weaker and weaker glasses until they are gone, but you, using the “correct” approach, get more high myopia and need stronger and stronger glasses (and spend a hundred dollars or more a year!).

You’ll be surprise how much they’ll stutter on mumble something that doesn’t make sense…

Next time we’ll have a look into some of the psychological factors that cause high myopia, and are the underlying reason for the eye muscles to tighten up in the first place.