High Cholesterol Diets – What You Should and Shouldn’t Eat For a Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol diets come in many flavours, and they are adjustable to your needs, depending on your condition, and how disciplined you are to stick with it.

All diets have the purpose of achieving something good with your body by limiting the consumption of certain foods or eating only a select group of foods. That’s also the case with the diet you have to follow if you have high cholesterol level and you want to start lowering it as soon as possible without drugs.

In the case of diets to lower high cholesterol number (especially the bad one – LDL), the food you eat should be rich in fibres to “brush” your intestines from inside from cholesterol particles so they can’t enter your bloodstream from there. The same diets should also be very low on meat or poultry, because they induce your liver to produce more cholesterol. And lastly, these diets should include vitamins and supplements that help to reduce LDL in your blood to a normal level.

To summarize, here are the dos and donts of typical high cholesterol diets:

The Dos:

– Eat fiber… A lot of them. They are plenty, especially in fruits and green leafy vegetables.

– Eat fish… As much as possible, replace red meat with fish. They contain Omega 3 fatty acid, which has the HDL increasing property.

– Take vitamins. Yes, as basic as they may sound, vitamins do help with the metabolism and can act as cholesterol reducing agents.

– Eat whole wheat breads instead of white breads. They contain a lot of fibres, and can help your intestines getting rid of excess cholesterol.

The Don’ts:

– Don’t eat red meat. No cows, no pork, no wild game animals, no fat… Or if you really can’t live without them, try to limit your consumption of meats to a small portion per week.

– Don’t eat poultry. No chicken, turkey or the like.

– Don’t smoke. I know, you may argue that smoking is not part of any diet.. But this is actually a very important factor. Even if you follow the healthy diet above, but you smoke, you have a higher risk of getting heart attack because smoking oxidizes the cholesterol in your body, and oxidized cholesterol are extremely dangerous because they form plaques in your blood vessels much more easily than regular cholesterol particle.

So, there you have it.. natural, healthy diet pattern to follow if you want to lower your cholesterol ASAP, starting today…