High Blood Pressure Herbs

Every day, more and more people turn to high blood pressure herbs to lower their blood pressure naturally. The reason is simple. Pharmaceutical medications have way too many side effects: sleeplessness, impotence, leg cramps, dry mouth, fatigue, etc …. Who needs a good alternative available?

High blood pressure herbs do not have side effects, they're safe, and they're reliably inexpensive. They also have lots of scientific support backing them up. So what are the most valuable and valuable high blood pressure herbs?

Hawthorne Berry Widely used in Europe, this herb promotes heart health, reduces blood pressure, and corrects unhealthy cholesterol levels. It also reduces hardening of the arteries and strengthens the pumping capacity of the heart. Because it aids the heart in delivering oxygen throughout the body, hawthorne berry is a commonly used supplement in the bodybuilding community.

One study that appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that patients with high blood pressure and chronic heart disease "who were given 600 mg / d of a Hawthorn extract had lower blood pressure and heart rates and less shortness of breath when exercising compared with subjects not receiving Hawthorn. "

Garlic A truly wonderful plant , garlic has been used since the ancient Egyptians for both culinary and medicinal purposes. There have been tons of studies showing garlic's ability to prevent heart disease, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The New York Times recently reported on a study that showed how garlic increases the levels of hydrogen sulfide. This is an antioxidant that transmits cellular signals to the blood vessels, telling them to relax. The result is improved blood flow and lowering of blood pressure.

Capsicum Pepper Many herbalists consider this pepper to be one of the most powerful and beneficial high blood pressure herbs. There have been reports that it can stop a heart attack in 30 seconds! Whether true of not, there's no doubt that capsicum pepper has an immediate stimulating effect upon the heart and circulatory system. It reduces infection and allows blood to pump freely through the body.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that people in Thailand have naturally no blood clot problems because of their frequent use of capsicum pepper.

These are three of the most powerful and widely used high blood pressure herbs. Because it's inconvenient to purchase each herb individually, most people simply use a multi-herb supplement. Perhaps the most popular is called Hyperzosin, which has been featured on Oprah, CNN, and in USA Today . It contains a perfectly balanced blend of herbs for lowering blood pressure naturally. The best part is there are no side effects! You can live a healthy, active life just like people with normal blood pressure.