High Blood Pressure Does not Have to Hold You Back

Adalat is a dihydropyridine calcium blocker. It is mostly used for treating hypertension. and Angina Pectoris. Other conditions that benefit from Adalat are Raynaud's phenomenon, Tetanus and Angina Pectoris. Brand names of the drug include Procardia and Nifedical. Adalat is a brand name given to the nifedipine component.

How Adalat works

The substance, nifedipine, treats the diseases by reducing the calcium content in your cells. Muscles need calcium to contract. By lowering calcium levels the muscles relax improving blood flow in the blood vessels and the heart. Adalat primarily focuses on the arms. As the arteries expand through relaxation the blood pressure is reduced.

Side effects of Adalat

As with other medications, Adalat has some side effects. Generally most side effects are experienced by less than 10% of the users and their intensity differs from one person to another. It is best to do your research and consult your physician about possible drawbacks to any medication.
This drug has the following side effects:

– Dizziness

– Headache

– Tiredness

– Flushed appearance

– Constipation

– Abdominal pain

– Vomiting

– Swollen ankles

– Fast heart rate

– Visual disturbances

– Skin reactions like itching, sweating or rash

– Impotence

– Depression

Talk to Your Doctor

It is always wise to keep your doctor fully informed on all other drugs and medication you are taking. Certain combinations of different drugs can create adverse reactions and potentially harmful results. For instance, Rifampicin, lowers the blood level and renders the drug, Adalat ineffective. A simple adjustment in your medications by your doctor can often reduce or eliminate mild reactions such as dizziness, headaches or fainting. Consult your physician about safe drug interaction.

Who Should Avoid the Adalat drug?

There are certain people that should not take the drug, Adalat due to pre-exsiting conditions. During pregnancy and while breastfeeding-feeding women should avoid the use of Adalat. The same applies to patients with a history of heart conditions, children, and those suffering with blood disorders. Caution must be exercised if consuming Adalat by diabetics, anyone with liver or kidney difficulties or the elderly. Also it is not advised to take Adalat if you are allergic to calcium blockers like felodipine and amlodipine.

Is effective treatment of high blood pressure possible?

Yes, effective treatment of high blood pressure is possible. The danger of a stroke or heart attack may be reduced considering by controlling high blood pressure. It is important to follow your doctor's recommendations carefully. Sometimes, when altering your diet and exercise regimen are not enough to control high blood pressure, your doctor will also prescribe medication.