High Blood Pressure And Weight

Most of the diseases are linked to each other. That means if you are suffering from disease A that will probably invite disease B and B will invite another one. So once you suffer from a disease whether it be a major one or a minor one and you do not take it seriously, there are fair chances that it will invite several other diseases creating serious problems for you in the long-run.

High blood pressure and weight are two such linked diseases. Overweight is the one that invites high blood pressure, and then high blood pressure invites heart issues and so on.

So how these two illnesses are linked to each other? Let’s see.

It all starts with overweight. When you gain weight, your body starts storing fat. This makes blood vessels clogged. As your body gain weight, these arteries shrink and become thin. So what happens is blood cannot move freely inside these vessels. Consequently, heart has to exert lots of force to pump blood to entire body. It is the responsibility of the heart to provide blood to each and every single cell of the body, and if for any reason, any cell doesn’t get the blood it sends signals to brain that “I am not getting the nutrients and oxygen from blood”. Brain sends the same signal to heart and it pumps harder to make sure that every cell gets what it wants via proper blood circulation.

So when arteries become thin, blood cannot move freely and heart pumps harder and harder. This is what we call high blood pressure because the pressure has now been increased in the vessels.

With the passage of time, heart becomes weak because it has to work hard and exert lots of effort than it is actually capable of, eventually leading to heart attacks and other heart problems.

What you can do if you are overweight? I mean what is the solution.

Well it is pretty sure and we all know what we have to do if we are overweight. Yes, we need to do exercise and there is nothing better than exercise for someone who is overweight. No need to do anything else, just join a gym, do high intensity workouts and burn as much calories as you can. Do not waste your time at diet, herbal treatments, laser treatments and weigh reduction supplements. At the end of the day, you will not going to gain anything and you will have to switch to exercise, so why not start off with it at the first place.