High Blood Pressure and Ways to Reduce It

High blood pressure mainly effects the older generation. It is measured by 2 measurements, the first being the systolic blood pressure and the second being the diastolic blood pressure. Systolic is measured at the very peak when your heart is pumping out blood, and the diastolic reading is taken when your hearts between beats.

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure there are many things you can do to help reduce it, most of which will of probably been discussed by your doctor. Lifestyle changes are the key to lowering blood pressure with regular exercise and a healthy diet being pivotal to the cause. Eating fruit and cutting down on fat is a simple way to make those dietary changes, and taking brisk walks in the park or riding a bike at a leisurely pace will help.

Smoking and drinking alcohol can also significantly increase blood pressure so cutting back or abstaining completely from these could benefit you enormously. Of course, you should find out with your doctor if alcohol personally affects you to a great extent or not – it differs for many people. If you like the odd glass of wine or bottle of beer, talk to your doctor.

In some people medicine is the only way of controlling a high blood pressure. These drugs are called antihypertensive drugs. If you are unlucky and do require to take this type of medicine you will have to take it for your entire life to minimize the risk of heart attack or stroke. These do have side effects and once again, you should talk to your doctor about these.