Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Imagine passing a scan test at a hospital for chest pains or heartburn symptoms and your doctor accidentally discovers you have a hiatal hernia condition. You may be wondering if you will need to undergo surgery. Well first let me reassure you that the vast majority of this type of conditions are not considered to be emergencies and in most cases do not need surgery.

However, if after analyzing your situation carefully your doctor does recommend that you undergo hiatal hernia surgery to repair your condition, then maybe it would be wise to listen to someone who’ s already gone through it and learn something that could be of good use to you.

First, a little explanation would better help you to understand what are the implications and the important things to remember before taking this kind of decision.

What separates your abdomen from your chest is your diaphragm, which helps you to breath. Generally, the diaphragm has an opening called a hiatus and serves as a passageway for the food pipe to cross through where it connects to the stomach. A hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of your stomach pushes upwards through a small opening. When this happens you may be feeling symptoms of considerable discomfort like: heartburn, difficulty swallowing, chest pain and belching.

Although these symptoms are quite common, the initial reasons why this condition forms remain unknown. Studies and research have yet to discover why it happens but this type of hernia becomes dangerous when the upper part of the stomach either starts to twist or strangle by the pressure of the hiatus diaphragm valve. When the stomach becomes distorted or pinch it prevents blood by reaching it.

If you have a twisted or pinch stomach you will probably sense a long-lasting pain after eating.

What is very important to remember when dealing with the procedures of having an operation like this, is to find the most qualified surgeon to do the work. It is highly recommended to choose either a chest or thoracic surgeon because they are among the most experience in finding the right approach for your particular situation.

Let’s not forget that hiatal hernia surgery is not only related to a chest condition but more as a gastrointestinal condition that requires special knowledge to repair your hiatal hernia.

Even though this is an emergency situation, you should still take the time to find the right surgeon, because the last thing you want, is having the same recurring symptoms after undergoing your operation.