HGH Supplements Vs HGH Injections


Human growth hormone is a large known as the best way of reversing and delaying the aging process. Though there is no doubt about the benefits of growth hormone, you need to know which is the best form of HGH-Injections or Supplements.

Why most people prefer injections or shots to supplements which are also called releases is because they produce faster results. However, what remains a big cause of concern is that the quantity administrated should be the correct amount what your body needs. An overdose can result in high blood pressure and laziness. In extreme cases it can also cause cancer.

Growth hormone shots can be quite expensive as well with you shelling more than $ 15000 a year. Moreover, you need a prescription for these injections and most people there before prefer to go for natural supplements or releasers which are available over the counter.

These relasers are a far more cost effective and affordable alternative to expensive shots. Furthermore, they are completely safe as well. The mainly consist of amino acids and vitamins and help stimulate the pituitary gland enhance its own production of growth hormone. Since no synthetc substance is injected into your body, there are no particularly side effects. These releasers are not a replacement therapy but a natural way to enhance your own hormone production.

Another disadvantage of taking shots is that it may signal your brain to stop production of the growth hormone equivalent due to excess of hormone in your body. This is going to harm you when you stop taking shots and you will experience faster aging. This is not the case with relasers.

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